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Drones - General presentation


In order to inform drone operators of the new regulations and limitations in force regarding the operation of drones, the DAC has launched an awareness campaign in collaboration with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA):


This new regulation is divided into three categories. These categories were decided based on the level of risk posed by the drone itself and are intended to protect other aircraft in the air as well as people on the ground.



N.B. Based on market needs, priority has been given to the development of regulations for the "OPEN" and "SPECIFIC" category operations. The regulatory framework for operations in the "CERTIFIED" category is currently under development.



Situation as of January 2024


As of January 2024, the relaxed rules put in place during the transition period as provided for in Article 22 of the European Regulation (EU) 2019/947 will expire.

Which systems will be applicable from January 2024 and what are their characteristics? 


Main characteristics of EASA OPEN systems from January 2024





OPEN « Limited » category (EASA)

OPEN category (EASA)

UAS class marking

No “C” class mark

Marking from C0 to C4


2 Subcategories:

  • Subcategory OPEN A1 (Maximum take-off mass < 250gr)   
  • Subcategory OPEN A3 (Maximum take-off mass < 25kg)


3 Subcategories:

  • Subcategory OPEN A1 (C0/C1)
  • Subcategory OPEN A2 (C2)
  • Subcategory OPEN A3 (C3/C4)



Direct visual flight (VLOS)


Weight Limit

25 kg

Maximum height

120 m

Night flight


Overflight of a gathering of people*


Overfly of non-involved people*

Prohibited, unless the UAS is less than 250 g

Prohibited, except when the UAS bears the C0 / C1 class marking

Horizontal safety distances

According to sub-category:

  • OPEN subcategory A3: minimum 150 m horizontal safety distance;

According to sub-category

  • OPEN subcategory A2:
    • Minimum 30 m horizontal safety distance;
    • Minimum 5 m horizontal safety distance with Low-speed mode;
    • Rule 1:1;
  • OPEN subcategory A3: minimum 150 m horizontal safety distance from residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas;


According to training section requirements


According to registration section requirements

Upload of the UAS Geographical Zones



The remote pilot shall download the UAS geographical zone from

https://drones.geoportail.lu/zones and upload them into the geoawareness  function/system (C1/C2/C3)

Access to the UAS Geographical Zones

Exclusively in accordance with the conditions defined on https://g-o.lu/uas

Important note: The Geozones provided by the UAS manufacturers do not necessarily cover all the restricted areas of Luxembourg territory. Please refer exclusively to the site https://g-o.lu/uas


For more information about the SPECIFIC category characteristics, please refer to the SPECIFIFC CATEGORY section.

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