Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

The transport of dangerous goods by air is regulated by the ICAO Annex 18, the ICAO technical instructions and by the Règlement grand-ducal du 27 février 1986 relatif au transport aérien de marchandises dangereuses.


Traffic rights for third country operators transporting DG

Air carriers wishing to operate in/out of Luxembourg need to apply for traffic rights by email to

Any time dangerous goods are carried on board, a copy of the DGD and of the DG approval shall be attached to the application.

For radioactive DG, approval from the “Division de la radioprotection” shall be received. For more information about radioactive DG, please contact


Dangerous goods training

Dangerous trainings provided by an organization based in Luxembourg shall be approved by the DAC. The approval request shall be sent to together with the detailed training programme (including training material).


Dangerous goods exemptions and special provision approvals

In accordance with the technical instructions for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air, certain dangerous goods cannot be transported by air.

However, it is possible to derogate from these technical instructions provided that an equivalent general level of transport safety is obtained and only:

  • in case of extreme emergency; or 
  • when other modes of transport are unusable in practice; or 
  • when it is contrary to the public interest to comply fully with the prescribed specifications. 

The exemption must be granted by the interested States, which are the following:

  • the State of origin; and 
  • the State of the operator; and 
  • the transit State; and 
  • the overflown State; and 
  • the State of destination.

To download the exemption request form, please follow this link: Demande d’un agrément spécifique pour le transport de matières dangereuses par voie aérienne — Business — - Administrative Guide - Luxembourg (

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