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  1. From the 23rd until the 25 April 2024 staff members of the DAC Security & Legal Department, Airport Police Unit, Customs Management, LuxAirport, Luxair and Cargolux attended an ICAO recurrent course on Annexes 9 (Facilitation) and 17 (Aviation Security).

  2. On the occasion of a working visit on 19 March 2024, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works prohibits all drone movements on the 19 MArch 2024 in some airspaces.

  3. Following the Commission Decision of 13.12.2023, the DAC, in its role as national supervisory authority, adopted the final version of its performance plan for reference period 3.

  4. The latest aviation safety report containing information on the safety performance of civil aviation in Luxembourg during 2022 is now available.

  5. The aim of this ASB is to raise awareness of potential safety hazards between leisure aviation and activities on aeromodelism fields in Luxembourg.

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