Directorate of Civil Aviation // The Luxembourg Government




The Directorate of Civil Aviation (DAC) is the competent authority of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in matters relating to aviation safety and security. 

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  • As part of the EU Counter Terrorism Agenda, EU Protective Security Advisors undertook jointly with the Directorate of Civil Aviation, The Airport Police Unit and Customs management a security assessment of the landside of the airport of Luxembourg. A good example of partnership and exchange of best practices.

  • The National Plan for Aviation Safety (NPAS) is now available. This document, which is directly linked to the National Aviation Safety Program, highlights variable elements such as the risks identified and includes concrete actions resulting from the European Plan for Aviation Safety, the DAC safety analysis and feedback from Luxembourg's aviation stakeholders.

  • The latest aviation safety report containing information on the safety performance of civil aviation in Luxembourg during 2020 is now available.