Where and When Do I Register?


According to European Regulation (EU) 2019/947, registration is mandatory for UAS operators (not for UAS themselves). It is therefore important to also distinguish between a Pilot and a UAS Operator.

The UAS Pilot, also known as the Remote Pilot (RP), is the person physically behind the UAS flight controls. He is fully responsible for the safety of the flight throughout operations.

The UAS Operator is the person or company who oversees operations and gives flight instructions. This person or legal entity bears all responsibility for the operations of the drone (s) on their behalf. Very often, in the OPEN category and as an individual, the Pilot and the Operator are one and the same person.

When should you register?

  • Your UAS...:
    • is not classified as a toy or weighs more than 250g
      • You need to register Yourself
    • is classified as a toy and weighs less than 250gr
      • You do NOT need to register Yourself
    • is not considered a toy, weighs less than 250g and does not have a camera or other sensor able to collect or detect personal data
      • You do NOT need to register Yourself


  • A UAS is considered a toy when a manufacturer intends it for children under the age of 14 and it meets the minimum safety criteria required to be named a toy. Compliance with these standards naturally limits the capabilities of the UAS (size, weight, non-dangerous spare parts, no powerful motor, etc.): see Directive 2009/48 / EC of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys;
  • It is  the Owner of the UAS that needs to be register as a UAS operator and not the UAS itself. A UAS operator (UAS owner) can have multiple UASs but only one UAS operator number (LUXxxxxxxxxxxxxx) that will not change.


How do you register?

  • First you need to define if you need to be registered as a:
    • Natural person: only be registered in the country where you reside; OR
    • Legal person: registered in the country where your principal place of business is located.
  • The registration procedure is available on Guichet.lu
    • You can register online (on myguichet.lu); or
    • You can register using the corresponding form (to be sent to the DAC)

Note: registration can only be done in ONE single Member State.

Some useful information

  • At the end of the registration procedure, you will receive a registration certificate as a UAS Operator via MyGuichet.
  • This certificate identifies the operator with a LUXxxxxxxxxxxxxx number (13 characters).
  • Similar to the automotive sector, the UAS operator number can be likened to a "car license plate" which would be valid for all the operator's UASs.
  • This UAS operator registration number is issued along with the associated secret code. The registration number must be affixed legibly to all UASs that the operator uses.
  • The complete identification chain (= registration number + secret code) must be encoded in the UAS' direct remote identification system operated, if so equipped.
  • This UAS operator registration number is valid for one year and must therefore be renewed periodically following the same procedure. The operator therefore always uses the same number unless the latter is permanently deregistered from the register.

Note: Do not confuse with the Remote Pilot Certificate 

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