Airworthiness domain

The airworthiness department is in charge of activities relating to the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and of aeronautical products, parts and equipment, and relating to the approval of organizations and personnel participating in these tasks, as well as the certification of organizations. production of aircraft and related products, parts and equipment. As such, it:

  • draws up Luxembourg regulations in its area of ​​competence and ensures compliance with international standards, 
  • examines the aircraft classification and certification files, 
  • controls the technical airworthiness of civil aircraft and issues and renews airworthiness certificates, 
  • participates in the surveillance of air carriers with regard to their responsibility for aircraft maintenance and 
  • periodically checks the operational equipment of their aircraft (communication, navigation, safety, rescue...),
  • it carries out the necessary inspections for the issuance of: 
    • the certification of continuous airworthiness management organizations 
    • the certification of maintenance workshops, 
    • the certification of aeronautical equipment production companies established in Luxembourg, 
  • ensures permanent compliance with current regulatory requirements relating to: 
    • the functioning of the continuous airworthiness management organizations, 
    • maintenance workshops, 
    • aeronautical equipment production companies established in Luxembourg, 
  • ensures that the organization and operation of maintenance staff training centers comply with the regulations in force and approve them, 
  • assists the Flight Operations Department in the study of all files involving the certification of operational equipment, 
  • provides companies, maintenance workshops and companies producing aeronautical equipment with all the explanations necessary for a correct understanding of the regulations.


Aircraft registration

The department is also in charge of activities relating to the registration of aircraft such as:

  • the attribution of nationality and registration marks in Luxembourg,
  • the allocation of Mode S codes for transponders, 
  • the examination of applications for registration and cancellation of an aircraft,
  • the issuance of on-board aircraft documents, 
  • management of the registration statement,
  • management of the registration of ELT codes and associated information


Below is the complete list of activities falling under the responsibility of the department:

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