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The DAC is the competent authority for the operations of unmanned aircraft, commonly known as "drones".

In order to inform drone operators of the proven risks due to non-compliance with the regulations in force in terms of drone operation, the DAC has launched an awareness campaign in collaboration with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


As of 31 December 2020, new rules apply. These rules provide for 3 categories of drone operations according to the risk of operation:

  • the « OPEN » category when the risk is low ;
  • the « SPECIFIC » category when the risk is medium ;
  • the « CERTIFIED » category when the risk is very high.


Additional remark :  Based on market needs, priority has been given to the development of regulations for "OPEN" and "SPECIFIC" category operations. The regulatory framework for operations in the "CERTIFIED" category is currently under development.


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