State Aviation


The State Aviation Department is in charge of all air activities in the military, customs, police or exclusively in the public interest, carried out with the aid of State aircraft.

The department's missions are, among others, to:

  • ensure the safety and security of all state aviation activities in Luxembourg by issuing specific rules to this effect and ensuring that they are respected by all state aviation operators;
  • issue, exclusively within the framework of state aviation, licenses, certificates, approvals, approvals and any other authorizations required by the laws or regulations in force and monitor compliance;
  • represent the state aviation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to national and international aeronautical authorities.


The department works closely with the Defense and the Police of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the aforementioned areas. The DAC exercises its missions as a state aviation authority without prejudice to agreements concluded at European or international level in the military field (EU, NATO).


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