Data Protection

The fundamental and individual right to privacy means that we are all protected in certain areas including:

  • our home, 
  • personal relationships (family and friends), and 
  • certain information (such as personal, sensitive or embarrassing information).


Unauthorized invasion of privacy is illegal,
whether you fly for fun or as a professional!


Everyone has the right to move around freely without being identified, followed and / or monitored. This applies when a person is in their own home, but also in certain public or semi-public spaces (e.g. a hotel room or business premises).

Most drones are equipped with cameras and can therefore take photos, film, monitor, record conversations or locate people. As such drones have the ability to capture personal data allowing third parties to recognize or identify a person and their location.

You could be breaking the law by processing and sharing the images captured by your drone, especially on social media platforms or the internet.


Think before you share!

Here are some guidelines regarding data protection:

  • Request prior permission to take photos or videos of people who can be identified or recognized
  • in addition to prior permission, you should also obtain explicit authorization from the people concerned to publish these images for each communication medium (press article, website, media, etc.)
  • If the data conerns children under 18, you should get permission from their legal representatives (usually their parents)
  • No authorization is required if the direct or indirect identification of people (e.g. private home) is not possible.

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