De-registration of an aircraft

The request for de-registration of an aircraft from the Luxembourg register must be presented using Form 101-2 duly signed by the owner or his delegate (add the copy of the delegation of signature to the request). If the aircraft is to be exported for future registration in another country, this should be specified in the request. All requests must be sent to the DAC by post.

In order to be able to respond to a cancellation request, the following documents must be sent to the DAC :

  • Request for delisting; 
  • Original registration certificate; 
  • Certificate of airworthiness.


Aircraft registered in the register of air mortgages

If the aircraft has a maximum take-off weight greater than 5700 kg or another aircraft which has resulted in an entry in the register of air mortgages, the register of air mortgages must be removed before removal of the aircraft from the Luxembourg aircraft register.

The way to proceed in this case is as follows:

The de-registration request form of a registered aircraft can be obtained at the Administration de l'Enregistration et des Domaines in Luxembourg. This form must be completed and submitted to the Directorate of Civil Aviation to be endorsed and then sent by the applicant to the Registrar of Air Mortgages. For more information, we invite you to contact Air Mortgages directly.


As soon as the cancellation from the Air Mortgage Register is sent to us, the cancellation procedure can begin.


Steps following de-registratrion 

As soon as the aircraft has been de-registered, the DAC will notify the new State of Registry of the accomplishment of the de-registration.



Export CDN

Aircraft exported to a non-EASA country may, in some cases, need an Export CDN (Export Airworthiness Certificate) certifying that it has recently passed an airworthiness review. However, this document does not allow the execution of flights. If such a document is required by the new State of Registry, a request for the issuance of an Export CDN should be made to the Airworthiness Department of the DAC at least 30 days in advance.

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