Ban on unmanned aircraft flights in Schengen on 27 June 2024.

Unmanned aircraft operations are prohibited on 27 June 2024 from 11.00 to 16.00 in the geographical area "EL-UAS-TEVT-2024-04" with the following dimensions:

  1.  vertical limits: from the ground to a height of 120 m ;
  2. lateral limits: 492822N 0062208E - along the German-Luxembourg border - along the French-Luxembourg border - 492736N 0062149E - 492822N 0062150E - 492822N 0062208E.

The prohibitions provided for in the first paragraph are not applicable to the following special operations carried out in the public interest:

  1.  military, police and customs missions ;
  2. traffic surveillance and pursuits
  3. search and rescue ;
  4. medical flights ;
  5. evacuations;
  6. fire-fighting.

Find the official regulation here.

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