PART 66 license for aircraft mechanics


The AML (aircraft maintenance) license is a European license recognized in all EU states. The objectives of this license and the conditions required to obtain it are defined in Regulation (EU) N ° 1321/2014. The AML license (aircraft maintenance license) is a European license recognized in all EU states. The objectives of this license and the conditions required for obtaining it are defined in Regulation (EU) N ° 1321/2014; Annex II Part-145, Annex III Part-66 and Annex IV Part-147.



Essential elements of the AML Part-66 license

License categories :


The Part-66 license provides for several categories and subcategories :

  • Category A: Line maintenance (minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification) divided into the following sub-categories ;
    • A1: turbine-powered airplanes;
    • A2: piston engine airplanes;
    • A3: turbine helicopters;
    • A4: piston engine helicopters.
  • Category B (aircraft structure, powerplant / mechanical / electrical systems, simple tests on avionic systems) divided into the following sub-categories ;
    • B1.1: turbine-powered airplanes;
    • B1.2: piston engine airplanes;
    • B1.3: turbine helicopters;
    • B1.4: helicopters with piston engines.
  • Category B2 : Avionic including electrical power (license applicable to all aircraft) ;
  • Category B2L (license applicable to all aircraft other than those in group 1 as defined in point 66.A.5 1)). It includes the following "system qualifications":
    • communication/navigation (com/nav),
    • instruments,
    • automatiqu flight,
    • surveillance,
    • cell systems. 
  • Category B3 (license applicable to non-pressurized piston engine airplanes with a maximum take-off mass (MTOM) less than or equal to 2,000 kg) ;
  • Category L, divided into the following sub-categories:
    • L1C: composite gliders,
    • L1: gliders,
    • L2C: composite motor gliders and composite ELA1 aircraft,
    • L2: ELA1 motor gliders and planes,
    • L3H: hot air balloons,
    • L3G: gas balloons,
    • L4H: hot air airships,
    • L4G: ELA2 gas airships,
    • L5: gas airships other than ELA2.
  • Category C: Base maintenance certifying engineer (license applicable to airplanes and helicopters).



The applicant for an AML license must be 18 years old.


Basic knowledge

The basic knowledge required for each category is defined in Part-66.A.25. Proof of acquisition of this knowledge can be demonstrated by a certificate issued by a training school with Part-147 approval established in the European Union or; in Luxembourg, by an exam managed by the DAC in conjunction with the Lycée Technique Privé Emile Metz

Exam credits may optionally be awarded.


The experience

The practical knowledge required for the award of an AML license varies depending on the candidate's pre-qualification and the license category requested. The conditions are defined in Part-66.A.30.


Type rating

The type rating defines the types of aircraft on which the candidate will be entitled to issue an APRS. It is obtained at the end of a training whose nature is defined in Part-66 .A.45.



The AML license is valid for 5 years.
It is renewable by the state that issued the license. It must be renewed for any change in data contained in the license.


AML license request

The applicant must submit an application file consisting of :

  • An application written on a Form 19
  • Copy of a valid official ID with photograph
  • Copy of training titles or diplomas - results of examinations required by regulations
  • A progress sheet for the technical qualifications received.

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