The Directorate

The Directorate of Civil Aviation was created within the Ministry of Transport by the law of 19 May 1999 with the purpose of establishing a Directorate of Civil Aviation.

This Directorate is placed under the authority of the Minister of Transport, and has the following main tasks:

  • assist and advise the Minister of Transport in the performance of his/her civil aviation duties.
  • ensure the security and safety of all civil aviation activities in Luxembourg by issuing the specific rules to this effect and ensure that they are complied with by all operators in the civil aviation sector;
  • draft and update the civil aviation code in accordance with international regulations;
  • manage the aircraft register;
  • appraise applications for air transport operation licences and airline carrier certificates;
  • issue, without prejudice to the remit reserved for the minister, licences, certificates, authorisations, approvals and any other permits required by legislation or the applicable regulations and check compliance with this legislation and these regulations;
  • ensure the upholding or improvement of the level of safety and security in the aeronautical sector in accordance with legislation and national and international regulations;
  • (Law of 21 December 2007) as a public authority independent from the managing body, carry out the task of supervising the activities of the different service providers at the airport;
  • (Law of 21 December 2007) carry out, as a national surveillance authority independent of air transport service providers, certification and continuous supervision of air navigation service providers as well as air traffic controllers;
  • (Law of 5 June 2009) appoint regulated agents and known shippers, and set conditions for the recognition of account consignors and known suppliers;
  • (Law of 5 June 2009) negotiate air services agreements and manage traffic rights.
  • (Law of 5 June 2009) The remit, competences and surveillance and supervision of the aeronautical service of the Ministry of Transport are performed by the Civil Aviation Directorate..

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